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 Manufacturing Services


The synthetic laboratory at Parimer Scientific has borosilicate glass-lined reactors sized from 100mL to 22,000mL, extreme vacuum to 2 ATM with internal temperatures from -40c to +300c. 

Chemical Synthesis

Support Equipment

An 8000 CFM blower and 18' of Chemical fume hood space allow for large reaction assemblies to be constructed in an NFPA unclassified space to accommodate class 6.1 Hazmats. This configuration also supports Parimer's synthetic lab activities, allowing rapid analytical feedback on targeted conditions for reactions. 

Laboratory Support Equipment

System Automation

Our computerized laboratory provides automated and remote control of reaction stages for continuous monitoring and early detection of discrepancies. This helps to eliminate errors and reduce overhead costs which help us to deliver high-quality results at affordable prices..

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Small Scale Contract Manufacturing


Our founder and chief scientist has a BS in Chemical and Bio-molecular Engineering, a PhD in Bio-engineering, and a decade of experience in design and production of medical device chemicals and polymers. 

Contract Engineering Services

Unit Ops

Reactor equipment is completed by distillation columns, gas scrubbers, flash equipment, particle mills, liquid-liquid extraction equipment, and heat exchangers. Don't have an existing process flow method?  Let Parimer develop an optimized chemical production method for your product. 

Small Scale Chemical Manufacturing

On Demand Utilites

Parimer has invested in vertical integration to help control production costs. These efforts include onsite hydrogen generation, CO2 scrubbing, moisture scrubbing, nitrogen generation, and ultra pure reverse osmosis water generation. Lower costs mean lower prices for our clients. 

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Small Scale Contract Manufacturing
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