Leadership Team

Richard T. Pace, PhD
Owner and Principal Scientist
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At Parimer, Dr. Pace serves as the principal engineer and principal scientist in issues of biomedical chemistry. He stays current on scientific developments as an Adjunct Professor of Bioengineering at Clemson University.  

Mike Klepfer, MS
VP of Business Development
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Mike is an industry veteran having helped grow Merck, Bayer, and Stryker. He has now become a critical team member at Parimer driving our growth and success. 

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Stephen Lee, MS
Research Manager
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Stephen manages contract research operations. His knowledge and experience with industrial chemistry along with his Master's Degree in Chemistry from Georgia Tech makes him a valuable leader in Parimer's Sucess. Stephen is also an Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry at Greenville Technical College.    

Andrei Palukoska, MS
Pharmaceutical Chemist
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Andrei is an experienced research chemist with extensive knowledge in both industrial synthetic chemistry and pharmaceutical analytical chemistry. His professional career has been based in South Carolina.  He holds Chemistry degrees from both Clemson and USC.

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M. Victoria Bobo, PhD
Director of Quality
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Dr. Bobo serves as the head of Parimer's Quality efforts. She directly oversees our regulatory compliance concerns including FDA, ISO, and Board of Pharmacy Compliance. Her research into advanced catalytic chemistry culminated with a doctorate degree in Chemistry from USC. 

Brantey Pace
Brantley Pace, MBA
Business Advisor
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Brantley is a proven business developer who guided the growth of the fastest-growing company in history.  Within 12 months of operations, the company had reached a valuation of over 5 billion.

Ladson DuBose, BS
Research Scientist/Biologist
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Ladson conducts biological testing for Parimer’s projects and assists with research and development operations. He researched stem cell replacement in bovine intervertebral discs as an undergraduate at Clemson University where he earned a BS degree in Biology.