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R&D Services

 It All Begins

with a Concept

Parimer can custom design new compounds or polymers with the desired functional group, properties, and behaviors. This is where it all begins, whether you want to develop a new catalyst, surface coating, or drug delivery device. 

Product Modifications

  • Want to add a specific chemical group to your compound?               

  • Does your polymer need to have unique properties like  higher UV or heat resistance? 

  • Do you need a less cytotoxic formulation?                 


Our R&D team can develop an exact procedure and formula to meet your needs.

Commercial Reaction Development

Evolving from a laboratory protocol to a commercially viable, quality-controlled process is not always straight forward. Parimer's scientific team has the expertise and experience to help your business successfully navigate this transition. 

Already passed these hurdles in your product development process? Congratulations!  Let us help you with the "next steps".

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