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Accredited and Licensed for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


Research & Development

Our innovative scientists have a high level of expertise in their respective fields. Your business can leverage that expertise on an "as needed" basis to reduce costs and improve time to market.

Analytical Testing & Quality Control

In-house analytical and quality control functionality can be costly to develop and maintain. Outsourcing infrequent, low demand processes can save your business money.

Synthesis & Formulation

Parimer Scientific's laboratory is well-equipped to support the creation, modification, and commercial scale-up of a wide range of chemical compounds


Method Development

Few innovative technologies have existing analysis protocols. Our team can develop effective analysis methods for a broad spectrum of chemical compounds.

Contract Manufacturing

Have you outgrown your lab capacity but aren't ready for large scale commercialization yet? Our reactor sizes can satisfy production needs from 0.1kg to 500kg per month.  

Lab to Commercial

Parimer has the scientific proficiency and equipment to help your business cost-effectively scale from the laboratory to commercial success.


Pharmaceutical Development Services

Parimer Scientific was started years ago to address a common issue in the biotech community. Entrepreneurs would raise millions in capital only to have it consumed entirely by equipment, staffing costs, and other lab start up fees within a few short years. We have witnessed dozens of these companies liquidate to pay off their creditors and investors.

Parimer offers a different path. We provide turn-key laboratory services at competitive rates. No upfront capital or long-term commitment needed. We even waive any rights to ownership for any intellectual property developed under contracted work. Simply hire our MS and PhD scientists for the hours needed and don't hire us when we aren't needed. We can bring your product to market in as little as a month, including regulated pharmaceutical drugs.  

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